The Leftbehinders

The mountains are there….in their sugar frosted goodness that gently reminds you of their rugged timelessness.
The snowy trails beckon….the crunchy, icy glazed coldness that leads you into a quiet you can feel.
The skies…a blue that hurts your eyes in there vividness.
The cold, crisp mountain air that makes each breath a moment of newness.
The silent sound of a snowfall on paths that have yet to feel the presence of man through the season.
The elk, blowing their smoke into the frigid air.
The scratch at the door of that loving, brown friend, Daisy, pleading to have a sniff at the fridge.
Susan and Michael and Jamie and Chris who make you feel like family returned.
Dinner at Smokin’ Daves… a feast!
The eagerness to explore the Park with friends.
The hike to the igloos. Laughing so hard you forget it hurts.
The Get Together….getting to finally, face to face, find out that you’ve know each other all along.
Friends, family that have gathered to share this special place in this special time.
The laughter.
The stories.
The love.
Though we’re “Leftbehinders”…we still feel apart of this specialness. Knowing full well that all who are there wish we could be there with them.
We’re thankful for the sharing of the week.
We’re jealous of their opportunity.
We’re happy you get to partake.
We “Leftbehinders” will enjoy this week through your eyes.
For us, there is a sadness that is overshadowed by the happiness we feel for your moment.
We wish you all the joy your hearts can hold!
Carpe Diem!!



One response to “The Leftbehinders

  1. Beautiful words Bill, as always. You and Sandy were missed. We can only look ahead to next year and hope that all us will be able to make our way to RMNP.

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